Data Protection Statement

Data Protection Statement: CARN Conference 2022, hosted by National College of Ireland 

One of your rights under EU law is that you must be informed when your personal data – also known as personal information – is processed (collected, used, stored) by any organisation including one of the EU institutions. You also have the right to know the details and purpose of that processing. This notice will outline the processing of personal data of attendees of the Third All-Ireland Immersion Research Conference – Immersion Education: Taking Stock and Moving Forward. 

How we use your personal data if you are a conference delegate

As host of this conference, National College of Ireland (NCI) may collect your personal data only to the extent necessary for organisational purposes, to provide you with information about the conference (before, during and after) and process your application to participate. Where necessary, we may also share your information with service providers for the purposes of organising the conference. 

The personal data we will collect via our online form includes:

  • Title 
  • First Name 
  • Surname
  • Telephone number 
  • Email 
  • Biography 
  • Affiliation (i.e. school, University, Organisation, Other) 
  • Abstract type (paper, poster or symposium*)
  • Sub-theme 
  • Title of abstract 
  • Abstract 

The data you provide may be used in the following:

  1. Photos, video recordings and web streaming related to the conference;
  2. Conference attendee list containing your name and affiliation which will be shared among participants;
  3. Invitations to future similar events that CARN may organise.

The personal data may be shared with selected service providers, including CARN, as necessary for organisational purposes. 

Any and all service providers selected for the organisation of the 2022 international conference are contractually bound to process personal data on behalf of us, keep confidential any data they handle and protect it from unauthorised access, use and retention.

NCI will delete these data six months following the conference or at the latest after the last follow-up action, unless you explicitly agree that we keep your contact details in order to invite you to future similar events.