Programme and Speakers

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You will receive paper copy of a brief conference programme in your conference pack. Please check back here closer to the date, for the full conference programme and abstracts. You can also use the following links to navigate to details of the Keynote Addresses and Speaker Biographies.


The conference has been designed to highlight the potency of Action Research in changing lives. NCI is well known both for its access routes to higher education and its unique relationship with its local community. The conference theme of Changing Lives through Action Research reflects the mission of the NCI and is designed to:

  • Include and value all voices and perspective
  • Encourage a broad range of researchers and practitioners to share their insights into how action research can be used for the greater good
  • Celebrate the joy, challenges, achievements and disappointments of action research.

Dublin is a historical modern city with a world-renowned cultural scene. With similar issues to other large cities, it is an ever-changing melting pot of cultures.  Besides the native Dubliners (both North and Southsiders), Dublin is home to migrants from other parts of Ireland, as well as migrants from all parts of the world. Many are refugees seeking shelter. Others are highly skilled knowledge workers for the financial and tech industries in the area

NCI welcomes them all, whether it is for a third-level course or for our Early Learning Initiative (ELI), which aims to improve the lives of children, parents, and families across Ireland. Acknowledging, respecting, and utilising the expertise and experience of others is at the heart of our action research processes.

At this conference, we invite you to share your experience, expertise, and knowledge of how you have made a significant sustainable difference to others through action research. Our Conference Sub Themes reflect our wish to hear diverse voices on the core issues we are all grappling with today.

Conference Sub Themes

  • Community action and activism
  • Knowledge ecologies and knowledge democratisation
  • Ethical leadership and followership in troublesome times
  • Improving practice in the face of adversity & pandemics
  • Including diverse voices and perspectives
  • Social Justice and equity
  • Educational and educative change
  • Critical pedagogies
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Social cohesion
  • Methodological rigour and innovation

Our starting points will be our:

  • Multiple ways of changing ourselves, our communities and societies
  • Diverse interdependent professions, cultures and identities
  • Reflections on the significance and sustainability of action research in these worrying times
  • Ethical moral sense of responsibility towards changing lives through action research